Concrete Removal
and Replacement

We replace your old, broken concrete or asphalt for a fixed cost.

Concrete Removal and Replacement Wisconsin

You Get Up-Front, Fixed-Cost Pricing

What We Do

We will do a complete tear-out of your existing flatwork, either concrete or asphalt, prepare a new base, set the forms, and pour a new slab.  This applies to all sorts of flatwork including driveways, sidewalks, patios, garage floors, and basement floors.

How We Do It

We’ve been doing concrete since 1965, so we know a thing or two about this stuff.  You give us a few details and we’ll call and talk to you about the job, then give you an up-front, all-in, fixed price right then and there.

When We Do It

In a word, ASAP.  We will schedule the date with you, normally within 72 hours of initial contact.  Once we get on site, we’re there until completion, so your project will move quickly.

What You Get

We bring base materials to a thickness of 4 inches (we’ll re-use what we can from any tear-out), then pour a 4-inch slab rated for 4,000 PSI compressive strength with either FiberMesh® or #3 rebar laid in a grid 4’ on center for superior reinforcement against cracking.

How Much It Costs

Use the pricing table below to estimate your costs.  Unless you have a difficult site or it requires something special, that will be your all-in final cost including materials, labor, and taxes.


If your project exceeds 1,000 SF, we automatically apply a 50¢ / SF credit.

If your project exceeds 2,000 SF, we automatically apply a $1 / SF credit.

Calculate Your Size

For a close approximation of your costs, measure the length and the width of the slab to be poured, multiply them together to get square feet (SF), then multiply that by one of the cost numbers above, based on your tear-out needs.  Remember to deduct 50¢ per square foot if your size is over 1,000 SF or $1 per square foot if your size is over 2,000 SF.

Real-Life Examples

Thomas had a 50-year-old crumbling driveway that was 12 feet wide by 35 feet long.  Multiply 12 X 35 to get 420 square feet in area.  Since we’re tearing out the old concrete driveway, Thomas multiplies that 420 X 10 to get a total cost of $4,200.  There was nothing special or difficult about his site, so that was the final cost, all-in.

Andrea had an ugly asphalt driveway that was cracked and lumpy.  It is 17 feet wide by 67 feet long.  She multiplied 17 X 67 to get 1,139 square feet for the driveway area.  Since we tore out the old asphalt driveway, she might multiply 1,139 X 9 for a total cost, except that the area is over 1,000 SF, so she multiplies 1,139 X 8.50 (50¢ discount) to get an all-in cost of $9,681.50, saving $569.50.

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